VDE Consultancy can help your organisation with expertise and strategy on Materials Technology, Innovation, Sustainability, Quality and Testing, amongst other areas.




In 2008 Nicole van der Elst Desai founded VDE Consultancy in Singapore.


She studied 'Fashion Technology and Management' at The Amsterdam Fashion Institute in The Netherlands and attended 'Leading The Business of Sustainability' at INSEAD in Singapore.


Nicole has over 20 years of experience working in the textile and apparel industry covering, both, brands & retailers as well as their manufacturing partners.


She is passionate about creating better products & processes that leave behind a better planet for future generations.

Some of Nicole her experience:

Circular Leap Asia / Forum for the Future

Implementation partner

The Bridge Fashion Incubator, Singapore 

Specialist mentor

Textile and Fashion Training Center, Singapore

Trainer 'Sustainability in Fashion Supply Chain'

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Textile Technology, Innovation, Sustainability, Quality and Testing


With scarce resources, a wide use of chemicals and the fact that most production is never in the same place that consumers buy them – the sustainability demands of the textile and apparel industry are rising. Great progress is being made in the industry, more companies have added sustainability to its agenda, and quite a few startups are having its focus purely on sustainability. I have worked extensively in this area, with my clients across various challenges - whether it is to use better chemicals, more efficient machinery, water-less dyeing, etc..

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Assuring that right quality products are delivered takes effort, right from the start, however the cost of manufacturing quality into your product is not the most sustainable and cost-effective option. The better the specification is on fabric, trim, colour and fit the more the desired quality is achieved.

Do you need help in setting your standards, identify pass/fail criteria, need some help understanding the test reports you have received but don’t know what to do with them, or are you simply not getting the colour you have envisioned?


Doing research on new developments both on a product level as well as on a process level takes time. And both time and/or contacts is something you may not have - so why don't you hire someone with a keen interest in the latest technologies that can help you find what you are looking for allowing you can focus on your day to day operations? I have worked on both short term and long-term innovation projects with both industry partners and academia.

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Communication is key in working in the textile and apparel industry. There are many different suppliers and touch points that making sure that all involved are working at the same level is challenging to say the least. Knowing what is needed and what perhaps is missing in your communication is sometimes best highlighted by someone that has experience wearing the different hats and can assist in getting your wishes and/or requirements communicated.

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